buy here pay here mentor ohio

buy here pay here mentor ohio

Buy here pay here in Columbus, OH is a great solution for car buyers with a negative credit history or no credit history.

Since a buy here pay here car lot will often take other factors into consideration other than just your credit score, you have a much better chance of getting approved for financing even if your credit history is a bit rocky.

J.D. Byrider has been in the business of buy here pay here used car selling for over 25 years. We’ve helped people with all types of credit histories get the financing they need for the car they want.

In this ultimate guide to Columbus buy here pay here dealerships, we’ll answer all of the questions you may have about in-house financing, show you over 100 cars in our inventory and even get you started on the approval process right now.

Quick Tip: There is a lot of information on this page about buy here pay here car dealerships and financing. Use the links above to jump to a section, continue scrolling to keep reading, or click here to jump to available inventory and start the approval process.

Buy Here Pay Here Columbus, Ohio

Buy here pay here is just what it sounds like; it’s a place where you both pick out your car and finance it. Primarily, buy here pay here financing is available for customers who do not have a good credit history or score.

If your past credit history shows late payments, repossessions, judgements, or even bankruptcy, you’ll find that traditional dealerships won’t readily offer you financing.

But a buy here pay here dealership often will.

Trying to get traditional financing for your car loan may not be the best choice for you if you have less than perfect credit. It can be a stressful process without offering the result you want.

For many car buyers with bad credit, going to a buy here pay here dealership in Columbus, OH like J.D. Byrider may be the answer.

Overall, the approval process is a lot simpler than that of traditional financing because the requirements to qualify are not as strict.

Rather than basing the decision off of a piece of paper (credit report) or a number (credit score), some buy here pay here dealerships may not check your credit at all, while others will but take other things into consideration such as your budget and overall ability to make payments.

Drivers here in Columbus, OH know that there are a lot of car dealerships to choose from. In fact, we alone have 3 dealership locations in Columbus.

But with so many options, how do you know you’re buying your car from the right place?

Here are 5 things to look for in a Columbus buy here pay here dealership when shopping for a car:

  1. Looks at your credit score but doesn’t base the financing decision solely on this number
  2. Has been in business for at least 5 years
  3. Vehicles come with a warranty
  4. Structures payments based on your pay schedule and what you can afford
  5. Reports your on-time payments to the credit bureaus

You’re probably looking for a buy here pay here dealership in Columbus, OH because you either have no credit or you have bad credit.

For that reason, you definitely want to find a dealership that will offer financing despite negative credit marks such as late payments, judgements, bankruptcy and even repossessions.

On the same token, you’ll want to make sure that where you buy your car, they are reporting your on-time payments to the credit bureaus so that you can begin to improve your credit score to allow for more financing options in the future.

Additionally, since these are used cars we’re talking about, you want your vehicle to be protected. At J.D. Byrider in Columbus, we offer a 60,000 mile Car Care Contract, one of the best in the industry, which will likely save you money in the future and keep you on the road.

Finally, you want to work with a reputable company who will put you in a vehicle that you can afford. Look at online reviews and how long the dealership has been in business. If they’ve been around for a while, you can feel pretty comfortable that they’ll be around in the future when you need them, whether that’s a financing need or a vehicle service need.

With that experience, the dealership will understand how to budget your financing to set you up with biweekly or monthly payments that you can afford.

There area lot of things that car dealerships do the same; but there’s a lot that they do different.

Here are 8 Ways that J.D. Byrider sets itself apart from other dealerships in Columbus, OH:

  1. We provide an easy on-site credit approval process
  2. Down payments as low as $0*
  3. Affordable payments as low as $150 every two weeks**
  4. Serviced, computer-tested and reconditioned cars
  5. Clean-title verified
  6. Our vehicles come with a 60,000 mile Car Care Contract
  7. Low-cost service and repairs—often the lowest in town
  8. Will help put you in a position to improve your credit score

Buy Here Pay Here $0 Down Columbus, OH

There can be different obstacles that keep drivers off the road, even if shopping at a buy here pay here car lot in Columbus.

Some things are bigger obstacles than others. For example, if you don’t have any income or lack a valid driver’s license, you might need to address those items first, regardless of your credit situation.

But other obstacles like down payment amount and regular payments are easy obstacles to overcome, especially if you are shopping at J.D. Byrider.

A lot of buy here pay heres require a pretty hefty down payment. Some dealerships even advertise that they don’t check your credit at all. That’s a pretty good deal, except that it often requires up to $1500-$2000 down or more.

We’re known for our low down payments. In fact, we finance some customers for as low as $0 down* and offer biweekly payments as low as $150**.

Not everyone qualifies for this low of a down payment or payments, but the best buy here pay heres will do everything they can to work with your budget and your situation to get you into a vehicle as easily as possible with as little financial burden as possible, and that’s what we love to do.

6 Buy Here Pay Here Columbus, OH Benefits

There are many benefits to purchasing your next vehicle from a buy here pay here dealership here in Columbus.

  1. Easier Credit Approvals. Since the financing is done in-house, buy here pay heres don’t have to rely on approvals from 3rd party banks. Buy here pay heres make the financing decision themselves, and the requirements to approve the loan are much less strict.Generally, when you go into a traditional dealership, your sales person will take your application over to a financing department who will contact many different banks. These banks are not on-location so they strictly judge you based on a piece of paper. At a buy here pay here, the people making the financing decision get to know you personally.They’ll look over your finances, budget and ability to pay. So even if you have a bad credit score or negative marks on your credit report, if you’re able to show that the payments will fit into your budget, it’s likely that you will get approved.
  2. Speed. If you’re searching for a vehicle, there’s a good chance that you need something very soon. Maybe even today. You don’t have time to travel around and take your chances at dealership after dealership. A buy here pay here dealership in Columbus like J.D. Byrider usually can get you driving away the same day.
  3. Rebuild Your Credit. Not all buy here pay here car lots do this like we do, but by reporting your on-time payments to the credit bureaus, your car loan can help improve your credit allowing you to finance better terms later on, qualify for a home loan and many other benefits to having a better credit score.
  4. Reliable Transportation. You have places to go. Whether it’s work, school, pleasure – whatever it is, you need a car. Bring your driver’s license, pay stubs, proof of residency and down payment to a buy here pay here dealership, and you could drive away in a reliable vehicle to get you to the places you need to go.
  5. Flexible Payment Schedule. Sometimes coming up with a monthly car payment can be difficult. That’s why we will structure your payments to coincide with your paydays. Rather than take the entire car payment out of a single paycheck at the end of the month, we’ll schedule it so that smaller amounts are due each time you get paid.
  6. Low Down Payment. While this may vary between dealerships and some buy here pay heres do require large down payments (we have down payments as low as $0* at J.D. Byrider), you can typically get financed with a little bit of money down or sometimes even a trade-in vehicle.The more expensive the vehicle, the larger the down payment will probably be. But as your sales person takes you through the budgeting process, you can figure out exactly what you can afford with the down payment that you have.

If you’ve ever paid your bills late or missed a house payment, you’re not alone.

Different studies say different things, but according to Forbes, 1 in 3 Americans is late on a bill.

Filing for bankruptcy or having you vehicle repossessed is a bit less common, though, and usually viewed as a more serious negative mark on your credit.

If you’ve been through either or both of those scenarios, you’ve probably been turned down at a dealership, or the fear of being turned down keeps you from even applying for financing in the first place.

But you shouldn’t feel discouraged. These scenarios are exactly why buy here pay here dealerships in Columbus, Ohio exist!

Our expertise is in specialty financing. That’s not to say that buy here pay heres will guarantee your approval if you have had a bankruptcy or repossession, but those items by themselves are not necessarily deal breakers. After all, buy here pay heres in Columbus like to say yes!

We take other factors into consideration such as budget, affordability, income, and so on. If we can determine that we can put you into a vehicle that you can afford, there’s a good chance that you can drive away in a great vehicle even if you have a bankruptcy or repossession mark on your credit.

If you’ve ever purchased a car before, you know how long the financing process can be at a dealership.

But a lot of our customers that walk through the door need a vehicle now.

We recognized this problem and have gone to great lengths in order to correct it and provide our customers with a superior experience compared to other buy here pay here dealers in Columbus.

In fact, you can save time and get started on the financing process right now online by clicking here .

One way to expedite the financing process is to start looking at our inventory online and then begin the financing process right here from your phone or computer.

Then, you’ll want to come to the dealership prepared with the required documents.

  • Your valid driver’s license
  • Your most recent pay stub
  • Your most recent utility bill
  • Down payment
  • Contact information and addresses of references
  • Trade title, if you have a trade-in

When you’re stuck in an endless loop of bad credit, it can oftentimes feel impossible to escape.

You need to prove to the credit bureaus that you’re committed to paying regularly on your debt, but have trouble acquiring any new financing in order to build new and improved credit.

A car loan is a serious commitment, and paying it off will signal that you’re not only paying on current debt, but able to better handle new debts with less risk.

This will allow you to buy your next car at a lower interest rate, qualify for low-interest mortgages and even qualify for unsecured credit cards.

A car can be one of the biggest investments you ever make besides your house. If you don’t have good credit, you may find it very difficult to buy a new car, either because you can’t get the financing you need or because you can’t get loan terms that fit your budget.

Without a car, you may find it very difficult to hold down a job, to get your children where they need to be, or to even run basic errands like buying groceries or going to the doctor.

Getting a buy here pay here loan from J.D. Byrider can put you in a position to improve your credit score.

Buy Here Pay Here Cars for Sale

Even though our focus is on helping car buyers receive financing, we know that our customers don’t just need good financing; they need a good car too – a car that is reliable and looks good.

Many mom and pop type buy here pay here car lots in Columbus buy the cheapest cars they can find at auction, drive them to their lot, mark up the price and then sell them as quickly as possible.

And they usually sell their cars as-is.

This is one good reason why a dealership with an on-site service department is so important.

Not just to service your vehicle if something goes wrong – but to also inspect and recondition the vehicles as needed before they ever hit the lot.

We’re always getting new inventory onto our lots but not a single vehicle hits the lot before our ASE Certified technicians inspect and recondition the vehicle.

We only buy cars that fit our rigid quality standards of lower miles and clean titles, so we don’t buy cars with salvaged, rebuilt or restored titles. They go through an extensive inspection, computer testing, servicing and reconditioning process before they’re listed for sale.

This means that our customers can drive away with great financing on a nicer, newer and more reliable vehicle.

Learn a little bit more about the reconditioning process that all of our vehicles go through before they even hit the lot:

So, why do we put so much more extra effort into the vehicles that we sell on our lot?

Reputation is everything in the car business. We want our customers to leave happy, spread the word about our dealership and come back time and time again.

In addition to the warranty, our preferred service pricing can lessen the cost of owning your vehicle by offering lower hourly service rates. Our partnerships with part suppliers such as AutoZone and the fact that our service departments service J.D. Byrider customers only, we’re able to pass along huge savings to our customers.

In the previous section, we talked a lot about what buy here pay heres in Columbus do before the sale to ensure that their lots are stocked with quality vehicles.

At the end of the day, these are used cars that we’re talking about. There are a lot of moving parts and things can go wrong.

There are a few things you can do to limit the chances of something going wrong. For example, you can perform regular maintenance on your vehicle including regular oil changes.

But even if you do everything right, what happens if something stops working? Did your buy here pay here dealership sell you the car as-is?

Do you have a warranty?

One thing you want to look for when you visit the dealership is the service department. You’ll find that a lot of buy here pay heres don’t have one. That’s a problem.

If the dealership isn’t willing to support you after the sale, then your relationship with that dealership is strictly transactional; you’re just another number.

At J.D. Byrider, we form a relationship. You aren’t just a number. Every single one of our 160+ dealerships have a service department where most of our technicians are ASE Master Technicians dedicated to serving only J.D. Byrider customers.

Buying a car is a big commitment and one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make.

So it’s important to understand that the cost of owning your vehicle is more than just the payment. There’s gas, insurance, oil changes, and other necessary maintenance.

But all of those things are expected. We know about those costs going into it.

What creates a huge disruption to our lives are when those unexpected costs hit. We want to keep you on the road, which means we want to be there to support you when those unexpected costs hit.

And much of that is addressed with our warranty, low-cost parts, cheap labor rates and in-house service department.

When buying a vehicle from a buy here pay here dealership, make sure you ask about the support after the sale.

As we’ve discussed throughout this guide, the requirements to get financed at a Columbus area buy here pay here is much less restrictive than that of a traditional dealership with bank financing.

With that said, you’ll still have to meet certain requirements to obtain in-house financing.

A couple of examples include:

  • You need to have steady income – a way to pay your car payments
  • You need to have a driver’s license
  • Even with income, you still need to be able to prove that a car payment fits your budget. We’ll help you with that.
  • You may need to have some sort of down payment. This will fluctuate depending on the dealership. We’re known for our low down payments.
  • Proof of residence. This one’s easy – just bring a bill with your name and address on it.
  • List of references

This isn’t necessarily an exact list, as requirements will depend on your situation and the dealership. But if you can provide the things on this list, you definitely increase your chances of financing.

If you’ve made it this far, you’re definitely in the right spot.

We have 3 dealerships around Columbus so there’s likely one not too far from you. We have over 100 cars for sale and we’re stocking our inventory with vehicles that are nicer and newer than ever before.

And, maybe best of all, we offer an easy approval process and affordable payments.

Mentor, Ohio autos lease here pay here bad credit financing. Car dealers that finance with lease to own loans for late model low mileage used cars. The local We Finance Motors can't complete with our dealership's car lots fresh start approvals for buy here, or lease here, pay here auto sales.

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First, let me set the record straight…

This project was an academic study for a real client. I’d like to say up front that based on the information I gathered through the course of this study, I ethically would not have taken this project. It may sound naive, but I chose my path in User Experience Design because I feel if your product fits the users needs and you design something so well that they really want to use it, they will come to you. I would never voluntarily back an industry or company that purposely sells a product that they know a customer can’t afford in the hope they can repossess it and sell again. Ok, time to get off my high horse.

The sequence of events leading to these persona’s began with a series of question and answer sessions with the client. Through this, it became evident that the company was heavily focused on their dated, demographic-based research. While some of it held true and helped us refine our initial recruiting for interviews, they fell short in helping the salespeople understand the goals, motivations and frustrations of the people coming to their lots.

Our team conducted a series of six (6) interviews with people we felt, more generally, fit into the basic profile of a customer. We tried not to make narrow assumptions, so we surveyed a short-list of potential participants. Each of the researchers conducted at least one interview themselves, taking notes and compiling data points.

2. Reducing and Organizing the Data

Since the interviewers were spread across several cities, each interviewer coded and conducted a single-case analysis of their interview(s). This stage prepared their data for a cross-case analysis session to take place once all interviews been completed and coded.

3. Identifying Behavioral Variables

Patterns began to emerge from our analysis. These these patterns or ‘affinities’ in behaviors between individuals were then used as the basis of the creation of a continuum, or scale, to which each interviewee was ‘judged’. For example, some interviewees stated they did extensive research prior to going to the car lot while others said they did none, so our continuum * was presented as a 1-5 likert scale where 1 is ‘I did not research my purchase’ to 5 ‘I extensively researched my decision’. Through just six (6) interviews, we were able to find strong affinity across several distinct behaviors. Enough to create two (2) distinct persona’s.

* The continuum’s were recreated in Google Forms to allow all members of the team to rate their participants. This allowed for our team to collaborate remotely.

The reality is, people coming to these lots don’t have many options. Their credit is bad and they need transportation. At the same time, they want to feel a sense of dignity. Across the board, they spoke of their wanting for respect, fairness and a level of transparency. Where the two persona’s split was in their motivation for buying a car. One was very utilitarian: she needs a car so she can work, take care of her family and be independent. The other was more generally motivated by an overt need for acceptance and a sense of equality. He wants a car that brings him status. He also wants respect from the seller during and after the experience. He expects the dealer to treat him with the same respect they did when they were trying to sell him the car.

Local Buy Here Pay Here – #1 In Online Auto Loan Approvals

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It is important to remember that once you have submitted your application on our website, one of our dealers or lenders will contact you to head over and choose a car. The details on the application have to be as complete as possible in order to make the process of choosing your car easier. Being contacted by one of our lenders is actually much better than being called by one of our dealers because this signifies that the approval process can be finished right away, and you can bring the approval to the car dealer you prefer. With the approval in your hand, you can enjoy the leverage that a cash buyer would have.

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You read that right, Local Buy Here Pay Here is free . We do not need any commitment from applicants and this is one of the many reasons it is the car purchasing method preferred by tens of thousands of people every month. We were able to achieve this by establishing solid working relationships with some of the biggest dealers and lenders across the United States. Our partner lenders are proud of their acceptance rate of 100% and they approve applicants every single day. They include those who have no credit, bad credit, student debt, slow pays, bankruptcies, foreclosures, zero down payment and many others. You can get your auto loan APPROVED without being hindered by the credit issues from the past. Local Buy Here Pay Here was created to finance your future and we are not here to finance your past. Apply here on our website and you can drive a new car right away.

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