car insurance paterson nj

car insurance paterson nj

Your 2017 Guide to Buying Car Insurance in Paterson, NJ

This diverse city in New Jersey, known as the Silk City, played a major part in the silk trade in the 19th century. Now culturally and commercially diverse, Paterson boasts the Great Falls of the Passaic River, one of the largest in North America. Whether you are driving around the historical or more modern areas of the city, you'll want to be sure you have the protection you need by getting Paterson, NJ car insurance.

New Jersey Car Insurance Costs

  • National average cost per year: $1,311
  • New Jersey average cost per year: $1,595
  • 10th most expensive premium in the US

New Jersey insurance costs are considerably above the national average, but keep in mind that this is only an estimate of how much your policy will cost you. Insurance quotes will take into consideration a number of factors unique to you, such as the make, model and year of your car and your driving record. A clean driving record could bring down your premium, as could carrying multiple policies with the same insurer.

New Jersey Car Insurance Requirements

  • Bodily injury liability: required
  • Property damage liability: required
  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP): required
  • Uninsured Motorist: required
  • Minimum liability limits: 15/30/5
    • Coverage up to $15,000 per accident for one person
    • Coverage up to $30,000 per accident for all persons
    • Coverage up to $5,000 per accident for property damage

New Jersey law requires pretty comprehensive minimum coverage, and there are stiff penalties for not failing to meet these requirements. For the first offense: $300 to $1,000 fine, community service and drivers license suspension for 1 year. Subsequent offenses carry a 14-day jail sentence, drivers' license suspension for 2 years, a fine of up to $5,000 and 30 days of community service.

New Jersey Uninsured Motorists

  • National uninsured motorists: 12.6%

The number of uninsured drivers in New Jersey is considerably lower than the national figure, but there is always a chance that an uninsured motorist will be at fault in an accident. Your uninsured motorist coverage will help you recoup damage and losses from an uninsured motorist faster, as your insurance company will provide immediate compensation.

  • National vehicle thefts (per 1,000 registered vehicles): 2.94

New Jersey has a lower car theft rate than the nation, but there is always a chance that a thief will make off with your car. Your risk of this type of loss can be decreased by a few common-sense measures. Always lock your car and park it in secure or well-lit areas whenever possible. You can also protect your car from theft with a comprehensive auto policy, as well as improvements in security like anti-theft devices or GPS.

If you do mostly local miles driving around the shops and schools, you won’t want the same sort of policy as a traveling sales or delivery person. If you are already conscious about safety and security and have alarms or other devices fitted in your car, you might qualify for a discount. Securely parking or garaging your vehicle overnight might also get you reduced Paterson car insurance premiums.

You want to make sure you have sufficient coverage but not necessarily expensive coverage. Someone knowledgeable about the area and experienced in insurance matters can be of great assistance in achieving these aims.

Insurance seems more complicated these days, and getting multiple quotes on your own is a hassle. A Trusted Choice® member agent is waiting to help you find a number of Paterson auto insurance quotes and help you review the quotes and suggest options based on your needs and budget.

This agent can get you auto insurance quotes from the right companies and advise you on suitability and cost. Contact a local agent today for help and advice on your car insurance policy. Your agent will be available to assist you even after buy your policy.

Paterson, New Jersey is nicknamed the "Silk City" as a result of the copious amounts of silk it produced during the late 19th century. In World War II, Paterson had an important role in producing aircraft engines, but the urban decline at the end of the war sparked high rates of unemployment that have continued up to this day. Paterson is a magnet for diversity, attracting many immigrants with small businesses that have helped to revive the city's economy. Many people consider Paterson to be the United States Peruvian Diaspora's capital. The city has the largest Turkish-American immigrant community, the second largest Arabic-American, and the third largest Dominican-American community in the United States. The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that Paterson's population was 145,643 in 2008.

Bodily injury liability for one person is not offered through basic Paterson car insurance. Under New Jersey's basic insurance, a vehicle owner has $10,000 worth of coverage for damages resulting from injury or death to one person. This option is tailored to young drivers with limited assets. New Jersey's other insurance options include self-insurance and standard. Both basic and standard insurance require drivers to have $5,000 of property damage coverage. However, standard insurance mandates that drivers have at least $15,000 insurance for one person's injury or death. Under this plan, vehicle owners must also have $30,000 worth of protection for the death or injury of multiple people. Drivers must have $15,000 coverage for uninsured or underinsured motorist injury, and $15,000 of Personal Injury Protection. If you are pulled over for the first time without proof of insurance, you will incur a $300 fine, community service, and a possible one year suspension. For a second infraction, you will be charged $500, spend two weeks in jail, be sentenced to 30 community service days, and potentially undergo a two-year license suspension. Type in your zip code to see a comprehensive list of Paterson car insurance quotes.

In 2008, the New Jersey State Police Uniform Crime Report found that there were 977 motor vehicles stolen in Paterson. During the same year, the 2000 Honda Civic was car stolen most often in New Jersey, according to The National Insurance Crime Bureau. The second most-often thieved model was the 1994 Honda Accord, followed by the 2000 Dodge Caravan, the 2000 Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee, and the 1991 Toyota Camry. To compare Paterson auto insurance quotes, enter your zip code.

Paterson has a high vehicle theft rate compared to the nation's average. For anyone planning to live in the city, Paterson car insurance is a necessity. If you are looking for basic or standard car insurance, typing your zip code will help you find the lowest Paterson car insurance quotes.

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Having trouble finding cheap car insurance quotes in your area? Get the insurance policy you need at an affordable price through Freeway Insurance. Thanks to our connections, Freeway can offer you cheap car insurance rates from multiple insurance carriers, giving you the best coverage at the best price available in Paterson, NJ. Along with car insurance, homeowners insurance, and other policies, we even provide SR-22 coverage for people with poor driving records. Get a free low cost car insurance quote online or talk to one of our experts to get an affordable plan within minutes. Give us a call or visit our office at 758 Main St today!

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    Cheap Car Insurance – Compare The Cheapest Auto Insurance Companies

    If you’re looking for cheap car insurance you can use our free quotes tool above to find and compare the best insurance companies in your state, and city. Looking for more information? Read on below to get a state by state insurance guide.

    Cheap Car Insurance – Easiest Way to Save Money

    By far the easiest way to get cheap car insurance is to compare as many car insurance companies as you can. Comparing multiple insurance companies is a lot easier than most people think. All you need to do is enter your zip code above and we’ll compare car insurance companies for you! This is by far the best way to find cheap auto insurance. You can save up to 50% on car insurance in under 3 minutes.

    Find Cheap Car Insurance. Enter Your ZIP Code Below

    Getting The Cheapest Car Insurance in NJ

    NJ has some of the most expensive auto insurance in the country unfortunately.

    Fortunately there is a few things we can to do lower our insurance rates. Here’s some tips for getting the cheapest auto insurance in NJ:

    Get all your insurance from the same company. Getting home, life, health & auto insurance from the same company can get your major discounts.

    Finish a defensive driving course. There are a lot of defensive driving schools out there that will teach you to drive safer. Getting a certificate from one of these driving schools can decrease your insurance premiums. Before you register for a course, we highly recommend you contact your insurance company and see how big of a discount they offer. All insurance companies offer discounts because it is New Jersey law, but how much of a discount depends on the insurance company. You must go to an approved course:

    Get multiple quotes. The best way to lower your insurance premiums is to get multiple quotes. Getting quotes from multiple companies takes almost no time or money, but can decrease your insurance premiums more than any other suggested tip! Seriously we can’t stress this enough, most people will get 2-3 auto insurance quotes and pick an insurance company. We recommend contacting at least 6 companies and getting quotes.

    Pay per year. Most people pay monthly for car insurance, if you pay for the whole year upfront you can save up to 20%. Paying ahead is one of the easiest ways to save money on car insurance, but often overlooked.

    Are you a student? If so you can get cheaper car insurance by having good grades! If you have a B average or higher a lot of insurance companies will give you a discount on your insurance.

    Choose a higher deductible. Think you’re a safe driver? Prove it to the insurance companies by taking a bigger risk and paying a higher deductible. While having a higher deductible will increase your out pocket cost in an accident, you save a lot of money on your monthly premiums.

    Company loyalty is bad. In general sticking with one company a long time is going to cost you, people who switch insurance companies often generally save more money. Insurance companies often have special discounts or offers for new members; so switching can actually get you better deals then what long-term customers have!

    Vehicle Safety Features. Owning a vehicle with safety features such as anti-lock brakes, air bag, etc will decrease your insurance premiums.

    Anti-theft features. Having anti-theft features installed in your car can dramatically decrease your premiums; especially if you drive and park your car in an area with a high rate of car thefts.

    There is no such thing as the best car insurance. How much you pay for car insurance is going to depend on a lot of factors, such as:

    • Your location
    • Your vehicle type
    • Your driving record
    • Your gender
    • Your coverage level
    • Your marital status

    Determining how you much you’ll pay for insurance isn’t easy. The best way to figure out how much you’ll end up paying for car insurance is by getting quotes from companies. Most car insurance companies have their own specialized formula for calculating insurance rates, that’s why insurance premiums can vary wildly.

    Other factors affecting your insurance premiums in New Jersey

    • Bankruptcy. If you’ve ever went bankrupt you may have to pay higher premiums, since you’re a higher risk to the insurance companies.
    • Length of credit history. Having no credit history can be a negative sign for auto insurance companies, this generally affects younger drivers.
    • Outstanding debt. Insurance companies will look at your debit to your available credit to assess how much of a risk you may be.
    • Past Payment history. If you have a history of late payments you will be negatively affected.

    The 4 points above are the main thing’s used in determining your insurance score, and have been used by NJ insurance companies since 2003. Your insurance score is used to help determine your risk as a driver and insurance payee, which is then used to help determine your insurance rate. It’s important to note that while your insurance score is important it is not the only thing that matters. Companies treat insurance scores differently and assign value to other things not listed above. If all insurance companies used the exact same formula to calculate rates, then their wouldn’t be a point in ever switching companies. Since companies use the insurance score in conjunction with their own formulas we’re able to get better deals by switching companies ( most of the time!)

    Another point not listed above, but is taken into account is your credit score.

    New Jersey Car Insurance Policies Explained

    In new jersey there is two types of policies: Standard and Basic.

    Standard: Most commonly purchased policy by New Jersey drivers. This policy allows you to buy extra protection and pick and choose your coverage options.

    Basic: This policy provides the bare minimum protection required by New Jersey law. The basic policy is ideal for people with little assets to protect and no family responsibilities.

    Here’s a breakdown of coverage provided:

    Here is a list of coverage available & what most people will choose:

    We’ve partnered up with some of the best car insurance companies in NJ, by filling the information in the form above you’ll be able to get quotes from up to 12 insurance companies in NJ.

    We recommend you get as many quotes as you can. Getting multiple quotes is the easiest way to get low-cost car insurance in NJ.

    The majority of people will compare only 2-3 companies, which is not enough. Comparing multiple companies will take only minutes, but can SAVE you thousands of dollars!

    NJ’s minimum liability coverage is

    • $15,000 per person
    • $30,000 per accident
    • $5,000 for property damage

    The coverage above is the absolute minimum required by law. It is highly recommend you get more coverage than the minimum. Property damage alone can easily exceed $5,000.

    The coverage we recommend.

    • $100,000 worth of bodily injury protection (also know as PIP) per person
    • $300,000 per accident

    The above is commonly known as 100/300, and is recommended by the Insurance Information Institute.

    Optional Insurance Coverage in NJ

    • Comprehensive
    • Collision
    • Extended medical insurance
    • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage

    Comprehensive Auto Insurance NJ

    Most people have a hard time understanding comprehensive auto insurance coverage, so we’d let’s talk about it quickly!

    Comprehensive car insurance is coverage covers you in a situation where damage is done to your car, but not in an accident. For example, if your car was vandalized or if a hail storm damaged it. Comprehensive coverage is not required by law, but can be very usefully especially if you live in an area where whether can damage your car, or if the crime rate is high.

    NJ is not a no fault state. No fault insurance in NJ means when an accident occurs you use your own insurance to cover for damages medical bills.

    Limited Right to Sue vs Unlimited

    New Jersey has an interesting take on lowering court costs associated to suing for damages when an accident occurs. Insurance companies offer two options:

    Limited right to sue: Allows you to sue only under special conditions, such as a loss of a body part, permanent injury, disfigurement or any other extreme damage to your body.

    Unlimited right to sue: Allows you to sue for non physical damages that fall under “pain and suffering”. For example if the accident causes you to miss 60 days of work you can sue for the missed income.

    Unlimited right to sue gives you more options, but because of this you’ll pay a higher premium; as much as 30% higher. It’s important to consider both options when buying auto insurance in NJ, since picking either will affect your monthly premiums dramatically.

    Tips for finding the best auto insurance company:

    The first tip is, there isn’t a perfect auto insurance company out there. The coverage you get, your car, your experience and where you live is going to affect the quality of service you get and how much you pay. The best insurance company for you may not be the best for your friends or family. We recommend getting multiple quotes from different insurance companies.

    Ask for discounts. A lot of people are eligible for discounts they may not be aware of. Asking an insurance agent if your eligible for a discount is the easiest way to find out!

    Check how good their customer service is. You can do a quick Google search, but we’ve something better. State.NJ has compiled customer service reports on all the big car insurance companies in NJ, so you can see good each one is. Check it out:

    That’s it! Follow the two tips above and you shouldn’t have trouble finding a good insurance company in New Jersey.

    Where you live in NJ is the single most important factor in determining your insurance rate. Here’s a list of major cities in NJ and what you can expect to pay for car insurance. Since car insurance rates are determined by many factors it’s hard to get a specific estimate. The estimates below are an average rate for a mix of drivers, such as: married couples, teenagers, senior drivers, etc. You can expect wildly different insurance rates depending on your experience, age, gender, car and more. The only way to know how much you should be paying is by getting a quote.

    Newark is the biggest city in NJ, and because of that you can expect some of the highest insurance premiums. The average car insurance rate in Newark is around $2600. Younger drivers can expect to may much more, while older couples can expect to pay less. How much you pay for car insurance in Newark is depend on many factors so the estimate above is just that, an estimate.

    Jersey city makes our list of most expensive places to get car insurance in NJ. With a similar population to Newark it’s to be expected. The average car insurance rate in Jersey city is $2,300, which is slightly cheaper than Newark but not by much.

    Most would think that car insurance in Paterson would be much cheaper than in Newark or Jersey, unfortunately that’s not the case. The average auto insurance cost in Paterson is around $2,500. Although Paterson has a much lower population than Newark & Jersey, factors such as property crime cause insurance premiums to rise.

    Car insurance in Elizabeth is cheaper than the top 4 cities listed above, but not by much. The average auto insurance rath in Elizabeth is somewhere around $2,300. Which is to be expected because of it’s lower crime rate and population when compared to cities like Jersey & Newark.

    Looking for cheap coverage? You may want to look into cheap car insurance with no deposit.

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