progressive insurance extended warranty

progressive insurance extended warranty

Progressive insurance extended warranty

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Protect your vehicle whether it is new or second hand by taking out a warranty. Compare insurance policies that could cover your vehicle with a good claims limit whatever the age and mileage.

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The only FSCS Protected Insured Warranty with day 1 cover even for Wear & Tear, failure of insured parts at MOT or Service and any choice of 1, 2, 3 years cover for cars up to 12yrs/150,000 miles at policy start (no limit once cover started).

This is a warranty & maintenance plan regulated by the motor ombudsman rather than the FCA.

This is a service & maintenance plan, not an FCA regulated insurance policy.

What does a car warranty cover?

It depends on what level of cover you have, but most car warranties include repairs to your:

Engine and suspension

Clutch and brakes

Fuel and ignition system

Check the claims limit, as this is the most an insurer will pay if you make a claim. Use the calculator on the Click Mechanic website to estimate how much repairs to your car could cost.

Lots of policies also include extra features, like breakdown recovery or hire car cover while yours is being repaired. Use this comparison to find the right cover options for you.

All car warranties list parts that are not covered, but they vary depending on your policy. The main exclusions that apply to most warranties are:

Batteries, wheels, tyres, exhausts, catalytic converters, worn out clutches and brakes

Damage caused by oil leaks

Cars used for competitions, commercial deliveries or as taxis

Damage caused by frost, blockages, contamination or sludge

Poor workmanship or faulty components

Use this comparison to get quotes, and then check the policy documents for a full list of what is excluded. You should also check if policies limit a maximum hourly rate for labour costs, as this could affect how much you can claim.

A warranty could save you money if it covers the cost of repairing your car. However, it could be a waste of money if the part you need fixing is not covered.

There is no way to guarantee that a warranty will pay out when you need it to, but it could give you peace of mind if you own a car that is prone to breaking down.

You can check how likely your car is to break down on the Reliability Index website.

Allstate vs. Progressive: Car Insurance Comparison Tips

When you’re shopping for a new car insurance policy, the choices can be overwhelming. You’ve seen the TV commercials, and you know that all the big car insurance companies promise attentive service and savings on your premiums. So which insurer is really best for you?

Why Compare Allstate and Progressive?

Allstate and Progressive are two of the largest car insurance companies in the United States, so you know they both boast financial strength and a robust nationwide network of agents. While cost is the biggest consideration, you also want to be sure that your insurance company is reliable and fair. If you’re considering switching to Allstate or Progressive, here’s some information to help you make the right choice.

Founded in 1931, Allstate is the third-largest auto insurer in the United States and the largest publicly held personal lines property and casualty insurer. At the end of 2013, Allstate had nearly 12,000 exclusive Allstate agencies and financial representatives in the United States and Canada. The company also owns Esurance, the popular online-only car insurance solution.

Allstate’s famous slogan, “You’re in good hands,” reflects the company’s commitment to customer service. Every Allstate customer has a relationship with a local agent, who handles claims and questions. Allstate offers a Claim Satisfaction Guarantee: if you’re not happy with your auto claim, the company says it will credit you with up to six months of your premium costs.

Allstate may not always be the cheapest car insurance option, but the company does offer a slew of discounts. If you’re a safe driver, the company says, you could save up to 45 percent on car insurance. Allstate scored about average for its overall purchase experience in the 2013 Insurance Shopping Study conducted by J.D. Power.

  • Safe Driver: up to 45 percent discount
  • Passive Restraint: up to 30 percent discount (for cars equipped with airbags and other passive safety devices)
  • New Car: up to 30 percent discount if you’re the car’s first owner or your car is less than two years old
  • Good Student: up to 20 percent discount

About Progressive Auto Insurance

Founded in 1937, Progressive has gained a reputation as an innovator in auto insurance. It was the first insurance company to let customers compare free insurance quotes online, for instance, and has been named the #1 car insurance website by Keynote Competitive Research.

Progressive touts its customer-friendly web features, such as Name Your Price — a tool that allows users to enter their desired car insurance expenses and then suggests policies that fit their budget. Progressive uses a system of independent agents, which many customers like because they offer personal attention. However, Progressive scored below average for its overall purchase experience in the 2013 Insurance Shopping Study conducted by J.D. Power.

Progressive claims new customers save $500 on their car insurance, on average. Progressive’s Auto Insurance Loyalty Rewards program also gives longtime customers benefits, such as a lifetime renewal guarantee and large accident forgiveness after five years (including three years of safe driving.)

Progressive doesn’t list the percent savings for the discounts it offers, but you can see your savings when you get a quote.

  • Progressive Snapshot safe driving discount: Discounts for safe driving habits, tracked by a small device that’s installed in your car for 30 days. Allstate offers something similar, called Drivewise.
  • Online discount: You get an immediate car insurance discount simply by buying your policy and signing the documents online.
  • Multiple policies discount
  • Good student discount

Which is the right insurance company for you?

Allstate and Progressive are both popular auto insurers with millions of customers. So which one should you choose? To help you decide, take a close look at what each company offers specifically for customers like you. If you have a clean driving record, or teenagers at home, look at the programs and discounts Allstate and Progressive offer. It also helps to read recent customer reviews. Get free quotes now!

Warning Uber Drivers: You Just Voided Your Extended Warranty & Car Insurance

Most car insurance policies & extended warranties don't cover taxis

With the upsurge in popularity of alternate taxi services like Uber, Lyft, Sidecar and Curb in recent years, many people are realizing that there's gold in the hills by being a driver partner for these companies. The industry is attracting both riders and drivers in large numbers, many just wanting some part time flexible income, or college students looking to earn their way through college.

But we here at want to warn you that you just might find out your insurance company or extended warranty company will void any claims you submit, because many have exclusions in their contracts that void any claims for vehicles that are used for hire, as a taxi, a limo, black car, livery, or shuttle.

We will show you some examples of real warranty and insurance contracts below to show you how to identify if your policy contract has any conditions that exclude your car.

UPDATE: Extended Warranty for Uber Drivers Now Available

Carchex is providing an extended coverage plan specifically for Uber (and Lyft) drivers. PROTECTmyUBER has several levels of protection available to cover your vehicle that you use for rideshare services. As with the standard CARCHEX plans, you will be able to view the actual coverage contract before you make a purchase.

We have recommended their plans for standard use vehicles for years and we have a close relationship with their executives. If you have any issue that isn't resolved by their customer care team, you can contact us and we will help resolve it.

What is Uber? Is it a taxi or not?

Many of you have not used Uber are probably scratching your heads wondering, what is it? They probably don't want to be labeled as a taxi company, they would rather we call them something like a transportation technology company, but in essence what they are can be thought of as an instant on call taxi service, with much more high tech.

These technology software companies write software which pair up drivers with riders using a simple smartphone app that handles all the billing too. Instead of you calling a taxi company and waiting for a cab to arrive, with Uber both you and the driver have a smartphone app that uses GPS to show you visually on a map where Uber drivers near you are currently located.

With Uber you can select the type of ride you want, whether it's a lower end economy car, or maybe you want a more expensive ride in a premium car like a BMW or maybe even a Lexus SUV. They even have wheelchair accessible rides, and carpool rides, where you can get a reduced rate by allowing the driver to pick up other riders nearby, perhaps to share a ride to the airport.

I used Uber’s fare calculator to quote a 4 mile trip from my house. It would be about $8 with a 4-seat car, $15 for a 6-seat SUV or minivan, $18 for a premium luxury car, and $33 for a luxury SUV.

Your freedom of vehicle choice and the smooth payment methods are what make these ride services better than a taxi. Many people swear by these ride services, my sister uses Uber whenever she travels to Boston, New York, San Francisco, and even the busy convention hotel corridor along International Drive in Orlando.

Some people are too scared to test the Uber waters, as they wonder how do you know you're not going to be kidnapped by Ted Bundy instead of being driven to the airport? A little paranoid perhaps.

Let's get our arms around the operation, so we can see why the warranty companies might be justified in denying claims from cars for hire. See the screen shot below I captured while on Las Olas Blvd in Ft. Lauderdale recently, it shows 3 Uber drivers all within blocks of my location.

Uber App Screen shot showing 3 nearby drivers

You never have the hassle of paying cash or tipping the drivers

They streamlined payment by charging everything to your credit card so you don't have to worry about paying cash, or tipping, you just tap the app for your ride, the driver shows up, takes you to your destination, and you get out without having to pay anything to the driver.

How much money does an Uber driver make?

It's a complex formula where one size does not fit all, and there are numerous factors that drive how much you can earn as an Uber driver, such as time of day and peak traffic demand times. Basically the better your car, the more money can be charged, and many part time drivers maximize their income by driving during the peak hours when the cost is higher.

Uber claims the average full time Uber driver can gross $90,000 per year. Press reports have shown the typical part time driver might gross about $700-$1000 per week if they can average about 30-40 rides, they can get $1200-$1800 per week if they drive full time. Uber handles the billing, and withholds a 20% commission plus taxes and other fees from the driver.

Savvy Uber drivers can take advantage of the surge pricing algorithm that works much like the paid express lanes on some turnpikes that increase the pricing as demand picks up throughout certain peak hours or busy holidays. Some drivers only activate themselves during these surge pricing time windows, like New Year's Day in New York City, try 7 times the normal Uber rate.

Legal problems Uber faces with many cities

Here in Ft. Lauderdale, Uber actually pulled out for a while as Broward County was trying to shut them down for being an unlicensed taxi service. Many other cities followed suit because these municipalities are missing out on what they believe should be taxes and licensing fee income from these firms, like normal taxi companies pay. Taxi companies everywhere are filing lawsuits and protesting the unfair advantage Uber has.

Uber argues that they are not a taxi company with employees; rather they are a technology company that pairs drivers with riders. Certainly the traditional taxi cabs would like to see them go away, they are eating into the taxi company profits.

Extended Warranty and Insurance policy contracts showing your Uber car is not covered

Here we will show you where to look in your policy coverage terms to see if your car is allowed or not. This will give you a pretty good idea of whether any claims you file will be rejected. "Even if you want to try to argue the futile case that your car is not a taxi, you are still using it for what they call commercial use or business use or "for hire" whether or not you want to call it a taxi. Here are some screen shots I made below to show you the verbiage of some major extended warranty companies and insurance companies have and how they use weasel clauses to get out of covering your car if you use it for hire.

You can see the vehicle service contract from this warranty company below shows a list of what they call "ineligible vehicles". On bullet item #5 on their contract, they show taxis as being an ineligible vehicle, and on item #12, they call out commercial vehicles, which your car could easily be argued to fit into one or both categories.

warranty contract showing ineligible vehicles

This next screen shot below from another warranty company shows the list of "Exclusions from Coverage". Section #5 of this list says this:


The bottom line on this contract shown below is that it is specifying an exclusion of coverage on any vehicles used as a taxi:

warranty contract showing vehicles excluded from coverage

This next warranty contract below has a section in the verbiage on commercial vehicles. In line item #4 you can see where it specifically reads:

"VEHICLES used in any commercial manner not provided in G.2 above are not eligible for COVERAGE. Commercial uses not eligible for coverage include but are not limited to; taxi, limousine, shuttle…

Warranty stating that taxis are ineligible for coverage

This final example of an extended warranty company not allowing your car to be a taxi shows 2 ways they reject you. The first sentence says your car "cannot be used for rental, emergency or for-hire purposes". Also in the screen shot look at bullet item M below on their exclusions list, where it states your car is excluded if it:


You Need Specific Coverage to be Protected - Now Available

When this blog was written, we couldn't find any coverage for Uber or Lyft drivers. Carchex is now providing an extended coverage plan specifically for rideshare drivers. Visit PROTECTmyUBER and you will be able to choose from several coverage options for your vehicle.

Don't think you can fool your warranty company and just use standard coverage if something goes wrong. They are very likely to be able to find out and they will deny your claim. You must have a policy that specifies coverage for rideshare drivers in order to be protected.

Extended Warranty stating your vehicle cannot be used for rental, emergency or for-hire purposes

The next screen is from a Progressive Insurance auto policy booklet, and it shows the exclusions section, 1a, they state that their coverage will not apply to a car if it is used "to carry persons or property for compensation or a fee."

So Progressive completely sidesteps the argument over whether or not you're an official taxi, you are Jason Statham my friend! You are the Transporter! Rule Number 1: "Once the deal is made, it is final", so you really are an Uber driver. Rule Number 2: "No names", wait, you're a taxi. Rule Number 3: "Never open the package!

Progressive Insurance won't cover your vehicle if you carry persons or property for a fee

I'm an Uber driver, so what? Why does that void my warranty and car insurance?

You have to look at it from the actuary point of view. When you originally got quotes for your personal auto insurance or extended warranty, they usually ask you what you use your car for. Most people use it to drive to work and back every day, some use it to go to school, and they expect most cars to drive 12,000 to 15,000 miles per year under this normal use.

But if you become an Uber driver, suddenly you could be giving 50 to 75 rides per week, which translates into much higher mileage and accelerated wear and tear on your vehicle, which the insurer was not expecting to see. Knowing that your car is seeing abnormally high mileage and wear and tear, along with increased risk of passenger injury, death and lawsuits, they will simply disqualify your car from coverage.

The maintenance issues make insurers nervous

Think about real taxi cab companies, they have Tony Danza supervising all the drivers, and their cars undergo constant scheduled maintenance. How many private guys with their Honda Accord are going to maintain it properly to a new accelerated mileage schedule? None, you can be sure, and this is why insurers don't want to cover you.

How to get car insurance and warranty coverage for Uber drivers

You need to check with your auto insurance carrier to see if they have optional business or commercial coverage for taxi and limo vehicles, and you can expect it to cost a lot more. Not all insurance companies have this extra commercial coverage either, so you might be making a few calls until you can find adequate coverage.

Many of the warranty companies don't cover it, simply because of the excessive accelerated wear and tear of a taxi vehicle compared to a regular personal use vehicle. But some companies may be working on optional coverage, as so many people are becoming drivers for all these ride connection services.

This industry is still in its adolescence, still causing legal battles as society comes to grips with the unprecedented way of life. You must stay diligent, keep up with the latest news and legal requirements, and make sure you are not running afoul of the law, or your insurance companies.

Let us know what you find with your car insurance carrier.

All new cars come with a warranty from the manufacturer. But after your initial warranty gets expired or if you are buying a used car you may need an Auto warranty. Which will protect you from expensive repairs, wear and tear breakdowns and provide you peace of mind? When you purchase an Extended Auto warranty Contract in case of vehicle breakdowns, it is repaired by a licensed technician and all the cost is covered by the Auto Warranty Company. The auto warranty is also known as Vehicle Service Contract, Extended Warranty or Mechanical Breakdown Insurance.

Auto Insurance pays for the repairs in case of accidents only. It does not cover regular wear and tears repair or breakdowns. Extended auto warranties protect you from regular repairs and breakdowns not caused by an accident.

Call now and speak to an insurance specialist today for best rates from top insurance providers

There are a lot of American car owners who are in need of protection and coverage provided by an auto warranty for their vehicle; however, they don’t feel it essential at the time of purchasing a used car or once their vehicle initial warranty expired. In fact, most people don’t realize is that you can purchase another service contract to protect your vehicle even after the factory warranty expires! But once the unavoidable repairs begin piling up they understand how essential is an Auto Warranty. So if you want to avoid paying those high-priced bills for each thing that goes wrong with your automobile, get your Auto Warranty Protection now.

If you’re going to buy an extended warranty

Take the time to shop around and find the best coverage at the best price.

Does it cover the repair or replacement of the essential parts for regular wear and tear? Be sure you understand what is and what is not covered.

Are the repairs fully covered? Do you have to pay a small deductible? Or do you have to pay for the repairs up front and get reimbursed later?

Make sure it is accepted at your dealership or by any licensed mechanic.

The Coverage should be backed by top-rated insurance companies.

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