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In this section, we'll teach you everything you need to know about buying a new or used car extended warranty. We'll clarify the various options and what they mean to you. We'll point out the scams that you are likely to encounter, both at dealerships and when dealing with third party warranty companies. Be sure to read our complete guide, including the related content. One wrong step can cost you thousands of dollars. We make sure you are properly educated on all pertinent topics:

An extended car warranty is a product that extends the term of the original warranty provided by the manufacturer of a vehicle. Legally, only the manufacturer of a product can offer you an extended warranty and refer to it as such. However, many third parties sell "vehicle service contracts" that give you the same type of coverage for a much lower price.

  • Determine if you need to buy an extended warranty for your vehicle
  • What to look for in a warranty, also known as a Vehicle Service Contract (VSC)
  • Comparison of wear and tear vs. mechanical breakdown coverage
  • How to compare warranty companies, determine if they are good or risky
  • Reviews of companies we have analyzed using our strict guidelines

Each coverage contract is slightly different and may not exactly replicate the manufacturer's original warranty. There are different levels of coverage that you can purchase as well as different deductible options. There can be a lot of confusion and opportunities to make mistakes and buy the wrong coverage.

In the related pages we have all of the in depth information that you will need to get a complete understanding about related topics such as:

  • Answers to frequently asked questions about Vehicle Service Contracts
  • Standard contract definitions to help you better understand what is covered
  • How to prevent your repair claim from being denied
  • Myths and misconceptions about warranties

An Extended Warranty Can Protect Your Wallet

In a nutshell, any warranty is insurance against future high cost repairs. You pay a known upfront cost so you can avoid getting hit with unexpected expenses when something breaks. They are available for both new and used cars.

Vehicle Service Contracts are the most confusing "product9quot; car dealers sell. The language is tricky and difficult to understand. We are here to clear it up for you. There is a large profit for the dealership in this "product9quot; that they almost force on you, so you can expect high pressure sales tactics.

Buying extended coverage from a reputable third party company instead of the dealership will always get you a better deal.

The level of protection available ranges from the least expensive "big ticket item" coverage to the most expensive "bumper to bumper" plans. We have done extensive research in this area. We have found the companies that offer the most complete coverage at the lowest prices. Full reviews are below. We will discuss the unique features of the CARCHEX compete model. Then we will cover WarrantyDirect , another high quality provider.

Your premiums are deposited in a "claims reserve account." It is insured in case the administrator goes belly up.

  • Never buy coverage at the dealership - You will pay too much!
  • Never buy an extended warranty on price alone - Avoid ultra cheap plans.
  • Always review the warranty contract before buying.
  • The dealer's glossy brochure is not a contract!
  • Get quotes before going to the dealership.
  • Get multiple quotes to compare price and coverage.
  • If you can't find the company profile at the Better Business Bureau, don't buy from them.

Why we like CARCHEX and the "compete9quot; model

We have worked with CARCHEX for many years. Just like buying a car, I alway encourage shopping around for the best price. The CARCHEX "compete9quot; model is like shopping around. They offer coverage from multiple top tier administrators including their own products. They make sure that you get the highest level of coverage at the best possible price.

Do You Need Extended Warranty Coverage?

25 years ago people would have definitely answered yes. They knew that cars, especially from American manufacturers, were not reliable. Does anybody remember the Chevy Vega? A trip to the shop was as common as a morning coffee.

Now, many people have developed a false sense of security because cars are getting more reliable. Since they are better made, it is common to find cars with over 100,000 miles. Years ago that was almost unthinkable.

With reliability on the rise, people believe there is less likelihood of a breakdown. They may think they don't need an extended warranty. This type of thinking is a mistake.

You are more likely to keep your car longer since it is made better. The longer you keep anything, the more likely it is to require repairs. Due to the electronics and technology in today's vehicles, a repair is likely to be very expensive.

Whether or not you need coverage depends on your situation. The cost to repair today's high tech vehicles is rising. You don't want to get stuck with an expensive repair bill down the road. One covered repair can pay for the entire cost of the plan.

On the other hand, there are situations where it doesn't make sense to buy extended coverage. Use our simple guide below to assist in making your decision. Everybody's situation will be different.

When You Should Consider Coverage

  • You purchased a used vehicle that is past the factory warranty period
  • You bought a new car and plan to keep it longer than the manufacturers coverage
  • You plan to eventually sell your car to a private party and want to increase resale value

When You Don't Need Extended Warranty Coverage

  • You plan to trade in or sell the car before the manufacturers coverage expires
  • Lease Specific Cases:
    • If you are leasing and covered by the manufacturers warranty - It is a scam for a dealer to sell you a plan!
    • Your lease duration is less than or equal to the manufacturers warranty
    • You will not exceed the mileage limit of the factory coverage during the lease period

Quality Coverage for California Residents

If you live in California we have some good news. Coverage is available for you from the two companies that we recommend!

CARCHEX is licensed to offer Mechanical Breakdown Insurance in California. Plans are available from high quality administrators. Each plan has four available levels of protection and deductible options. You can get up to seven years of coverage. Click here for a California quote from CARCHEX

WarrantyDirect offers extended coverage for California residents. They offer 3 levels of coverage and 3 deductible options. . Policies are issued by General Fidelity Insurance Company (AM Best A- Excellent rating). Click here for a California quote from WarrantyDirect .

Type of Warranty Coverage to Buy

Ignore terms like "Bumper to Bumper." That terminology is a vast wasteland of abuse, hype and misrepresentation. Every dealer and company has their own definition of what Bumper to Bumper really means. I guarantee it does not match your definition.

  • Make sure to get "Mechanical Breakdown" and "Wear and Tear" Coverage
  • Look for Exclusionary Coverage as opposed to Named Component Coverage
  • The highest level of coverage you can afford

It is important for you to get the right coverage for your car. People buy coverage without considering what they are buying. People hear "extended warranty" and immediately think they are protected by some golden umbrella covering anything that goes wrong. Many people fail to read their contract. Without reading you can't understand the coverage. You need to know what to look for in the contact.

Keep in mind that no plan covers standard consumable items such as tires, batteries and windshield wipers. Don't expect coverage for glass, lenses, lights, trim, upholstery or paint. They also won't cover exhaust systems, brake pads and rotors, shock absorbers and similar items. These items are standard exclusions, do not be alarmed.

Some plans have benefits such as towing, roadside assistance and car rental reimbursement. When they do, you must read the fine print carefully. These benefits typically don't kick in until the manufacturer's warranty has expired.

The Sooner You Buy, the Better the Price

Prices for the plans will go up the longer you wait. Just like most products, inflation will always be a factor in the cost. Additionally, the more mileage that you have on your vehicle, the higher the cost of extended coverage will be. Never wait until the manufacturer's coverage expires before buying an extended plan. In fact, you will get a better price if you buy while the manufacturer's coverage is still in effect.

What To Look For In An Extended Warranty Contract

People sometimes buy the wrong warranty for their new car. For example, getting named component coverage instead of an exclusionary coverage. Sometimes they pass altogether because some uninformed experts say warranties are useless. Did they ever have to pay $2,400 for a transmission repair? The most common mistakes people make can be traced to buying the wrong warranty. Later, they file complaints when they find out their repair isn't covered.

I recommend that you buy auto warranties directly from the source. Most online car extended warranty contracts are more affordable and have better coverage than the dealer's offerings.

Auto Warranty Coverage For Breakdown and Wear & Tear

Many warranties only cover mechanical breakdown, not wear and tear. Most failures that need repairs can somehow be traced to "wear and tear." It is important that your plan covers both.

Most cheap plans will only cover mechanical breakdown. Most parts wear out and don't necessarily "break.9quot; This fact gives the administrator an out. I never recommend only buying mechanical breakdown coverage. It is a waste of money. My friend didn't listen to my advice and his warranty company refused to cover a new switch module, claiming "wear and tear."

Well Funded and Insured Car Warranty Administrator

You want an administrator who uses a highly rated insurer for their "Claims Reserve Account." This ensures sufficient funds are available to pay a covered claim.

An Auto Warranty Contract that Takes Effect the Day You Buy It

Most auto extended warranties start the clock when you buy the car, not the coverage. What if you end up waiting 12 months to buy a warranty? That time shouldn't count against you.

Reinsurance Should Have "A9quot; Rating on A.M. Best

Re-insurers backup the insurance that protects the warranty. Should the insurer fail from excessive claims, the reinsurance kicks in.

$0 Deductible/One Deductible Per Visit

Some auto warranty contracts charge deductibles for every part repaired. Avoid the issue altogether and pay a bit more for $0 deductible.

100% Money Back Guarantee on your Extended Warranty

If you are unhappy with your extended plan and have not made any claims, they should refund 100% before 30 or 60 days.

Transferable Extended Auto Warranty When You Sell the Car

Some auto warranties end when you sell your car. Choose an auto warranty that allows you to transfer it to the next owner. This will help your car's resale value.

Don't Have To Buy The Auto Warranty Immediately After Buying The Car

Most auto warranties allow you to buy later. But don't wait too long, buy at today's lower cost to protect against increases.

Warranty Coverage for ABS Brakes and Engine Overheating

If you have ABS brakes, verify your auto warranty covers them. Avoid clauses like "This contract does not cover overheating regardless of the cause."

You'll want a policy that includes car rental reimbursement. You will get this benefit for repairs covered by the extended warranty. If you are still covered by the manufacturers warranty you will not get this benefit unless the dealership provides it. Don't fall for a sales pitch that tells you otherwise, make them show you the contract!

I highly recommend a policy that covers towing. Depending are where you break down, towing can be a very expensive part of the repair process. Just like car rental reimbursement mentioned above, it is only provided for covered repairs.

Many of the best polices include Trip Interruption reimbursement. This coverage protects you from meal and lodging expenses incurred do to a covered breakdown when you are far from home. Typically, you will have to be at least 100 miles from your home address for this benefit to kick in. Make sure to check the policy limits. Don't check in to the Ritz and expect to be reimbursed!

Repairs Can Be Done at Any ASE Certified Repair Shop

Some really bad warranties force you to have repairs done at the dealer where you purchased the warranty. Other slightly better plans, required you to use a brand dealership (ie. take a Ford to a Ford dealership) for covered repairs. These requirements can be very inconvenient. The better warranties let you get repairs done at any ASE certified shop.

Auto Warranty that Pays the Repair Shop Directly

Some warranties make you pay out of pocket for covered repairs. Since you need to be reimbursed, it gives them room to weasel out of paying. Even if they do pay, this can cause a financial hardship in the short term. Choose a warranty that pays the repair shop directly.

Deal With a Solid Warranty Company

It's very important to buy coverage from a company that has solid financials so they can actually pay your claims. The news over the last few years is littered with stories of companies that went under and left policy holders with worthless paper. I have done extensive research on all of the companies that we recommend. We have worked with these companies and our visitors to resolve various issues. Believe me, I hold them to everything they say. We review their financials, government audits and actuary audit statements. We verify they have enough funds in their claims reserve accounts to cover your repairs.

Car dealers will tell you that I'm making money with scare tactics. In reality, I'm uncovering tricks that will save you money!

Our Reviews of Warranty Companies

CARCHEX offers the "compete9quot; model by offering policies from multiple top tier administrators including their own exclusive line of products. Their line of products was developed by combining their 14 years of industry experience with the backing of Assurant, Inc., one of the most respected insurance providers. They are now licensed to sell Mechanical Breakdown Insurance in California

I always say that you should shop around for the best price and coverage and CARCHEX makes that easy to do. They will make sure that you get the highest level of coverage at the best price, even if it is from another administrator. Most important to me is that they will let you see the contract for the coverage in the CARCHEX Direct system as they are talking to you. Everything is up front so you know exactly what you are getting. Read our full review >9gt;

Get A Quote From CARCHEX or call them at 866-538-5986

Limited Time Offer: CARCHEX is offering $100 off all policies for CarBuyingTips.com visitors until April 30.

WarrantyDirect has the most coverage options of any company we have researched and 28 years of experience. They have been around through several full claims paying cycles. They are one of the largest brick-and-mortar warranty companies. Their warranties are accepted at more than 21,000 car dealerships and auto repair facilities. Most of their plans cover wear-and-tear failures, overheating, unlimited number of claims and include free sign and drive roadside assistance.

They offer more coverage than most. The coverage starts the day you buy, not the date the car was titled. WarrantyDirect has an excellent record with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and WebAssured.com. They are licensed to sell coverage in California and Florida, the most stringent states when it comes to regulatory issues. They process over 7,000 claims every month. Read our full review >9gt;

Important Warnings About Extended Warranties

  • Avoid extended warranty companies that cold call you. The companies that use these high pressure tactics are usually lower quality and are more likely to be running a scam.
  • Beware of those infamous post cards or letters that you get in the mail warning you that your coverage is about to expire and you need to call them now. My parents just got one of these recently and called me in a panic about losing coverage. I researched the company that sent the mailing and discovered they were rated "F9quot; by the Better Business Bureau.

Caution About Manufacturer's 100,000 Mile Warranties

Many manufacturers are advertising very high mileage coverage. Don't get suckered in by the hype. You should focus on the word "limited.9quot; These are not full blown bumper to bumper warranties as they would have you believe. They are limited to the power train and do not cover the parts most likely to break. You should consider protecting your investment with a "bumper to bumper" extended warranty to cover these holes left by the manufacturer's limited coverage.

Tips for After You Buy an Extended Warranty

Perform the Manufacturer's Scheduled Maintenance on Your Vehicle

The warranty contracts warn you to maintain your vehicle according to the manufacturer's schedule in the owner's manual. You must keep up with all the required maintenance. Make sure to perform oil, fluids and filter changes on time. Be sure to use only approved parts and fluids. Keep all receipts as proof that the proper maintenance has been performed.

Some companies are strict about this requirement. They use it to weasel out of paying for repairs that should be covered. Some policies have maintenance logs in their contract books where you log each service performed on the car.

Avoid Issues When Making a Claim

If you need a repair while the manufacturer's warranty is still in effect, you must go to a dealership. The extended coverage plan does not pay for repairs until the original warranty has expired.

When you need to make a claim, you want the process to be as smooth and hassle free as possible. Be prepared in advance and read our advice on the best practices for getting your claim approved.

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Our philosophy of "customers first" is made up of characteristics such as: proven reliability, financial stability, nationwide licensing/registrations and unmatched customer service. All of our claims are handled in-house so you can feel confident that your claim will be completed quickly and with the utmost care. Call today for a quote!

706 Warranty Direct Consumer Reviews and Complaints

I went online. Got a quote. I didn’t activate because I was just comparing to what I pay currently. I got a call and I advised them I was not interested due to the price, "Thank you so much for giving me a call to follow up." He then got rude and said, "You get what you pay for" and hung up on me. I have never had someone be so rude to me like that when I was just being polite stating I was not interested.

When I called Warranty Direct they said my wheel bearings were covered. Took to Firestone to have fixed. They denied the claim. They said it was wear and tear. REALLY? My car has 121,000 on it, of course it is going to have wear and tear on it. Makes no sense to me. I paid over $2000 for 5 years and 100,000 miles. So I guess if your rings on your pistons, crankshaft and etc. need fix they probably won't cover it because it's wear and tear. The Better Business Bureau better do a better review.

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I'm at the dealership trying to get my car fixed. Before I paid for this warranty I had asked Matthew ** about wheel bearings hub assembly and all that was covered. He told me yes. I got the warranty and today that part is needing to be replaced. They called my warranty to check for coverage and now my warranty will not cover the wheel bearings. We cannot afford over $400. We are screwed. We needed this help. We can't ever get the part covered. We don't know what to do anymore.

If you sell your vehicle or it is totaled, Warranty Direct will not transfer your contract on your old vehicle to the new vehicle regardless whether your existing manufacture warranty had expired. I made $1460.48 in payments for my vehicle warranty and unfortunately the vehicle I was making payments on would not tow my travel trailer so I had to purchase another truck. So, Warranty Direct charged me $360.31 plus a $50.00 cancelation fee instead of letting me apply that amount to my new vehicle. Most car repair warranty companies allow you to transfer your money to another vehicle. Also, it took two months to get my reimbursement check. Buyer beware!

Warranty Direct has to be the worst out there. Stay far away from this company. My last visit to the dealer resulted w/ me embarrassed once again. Before I purchased it, the rep told me this was the best plan available. Had 2 issues. The 1st one: all types of switches were listed for coverage except the 1 I need. Called a junction switch for my 2004 odyssey. 2nd: seals were leaking, but not covered because in order for them to be covered, something has to cause them to leak. This is not the 1st time I have been denied coverage and to think I paid thousands for absolute nothing is heartbreaking. Also, mounts weren't covered.

How do I know I can trust these reviews about Warranty Direct?

1,061,736 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.

We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.

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I purchased the warranty from Warranty Direct one year ago, feeling confident with my purchase. They were quick to take the payment. BUYER BEWARE. This company is such a con, being sold on the fact that my motor, transmission and other major components would be covered in case of failure. On needing some of those things repaired I was told I was denied the claim because of the way the contract was worded. I also needed major repairs because my water pump went out on the interstate. My car overheated and blew the head gasket. They denied my claim because they said I operated the car without coolant. My wife calls me every time a light comes on in our cars, she pulled over immediately, took a picture of the dash and all the lights that were on.

This is what is in the contract to do, but it is our failure. I’m not a mechanic so I’m not sure exactly but I know it was like maybe for $8000 worth of work out of that amount. Warranty Direct was only willing to cover $300 less our deductible. What sense does it make to have a warranty if they’re only going to cover a small amount such as 300 out of $8000. So the promises of covering your car is a SCAM, I have already paid over $1300 in premiums then delaying a response by a day so they can take another payment. I could paid the shop directly the $8000 that it cost to repair something and skip the middleman. I am Livid. Please share this WARNING ABOUT WARRANTY DIRECT.com so others don’t get scammed.

We purchased the "Premium Care" extended warranty coverage in May 2015. This is the absolute worst extended warranty company with which I have ever had to work. There appears to be nothing that is covered under their warranty. We have had several issues with our covered vehicle, and each of the requests for warranty cover has been denied.

The latest denial was Monday, November 20th. The ABS system light began to flash and then remained lit. The brake pedal began vibrating hard when pushed. We took the vehicle to the dealer for diagnosis, and the dealer contacted Warranty Direct for authorization. The repair cost is estimated at $2100. Coverage was denied by Warranty Direct. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY BUYING COVERAGE FROM WARRANTY DIRECT!

I purchased the warranty being sold on the fact that my electronics i.e. backup camera, Bluetooth radio, sunroof and all those things will be covered up. On needing some of those things repaired I was told I was denied the claim because of the way the contract was worded. I also needed major repairs on my car like the arm oil pan housing or something like that. I’m not a mechanic so I’m not sure exactly but I know it was like maybe for $5000 worth of work out of that amount. Warranty Direct was only willing to cover $300. What sense does it make to have a warranty if they’re only going to cover a small minute amount such as 300 out of for 5000. I could pay the shop directly the 5000 that it cost to repair something and skip the middleman. I am Livid.

And more so because my car insurance company enlisted Warranty Direct as a perk? Well they must be paying “P” a large amount to solicit their service because when it comes to customer satisfaction Warranty Direct is not at all transparent. They will tell something is covered and when that part fails they find loopholes around taking care of you the consumer. Warranty Direct is not for the consumer. They are all about making money and bilking the consumer selling dreams while doing so. Please if you are reading this and considering buying from this company DON’T. I promise you I am not just some angry blogger. I have written very complimentary reviews where applicable but Warranty Direct doesn’t deserve not even one star. Please don’t do like I did ignoring the reviews. Take heed, run and take your business elsewhere. Signed Disgruntled BMW owner.

I spoke to Bobby ** from Warranty Direct a few months ago. I had read some reviews and a lot of them weren't too good. I asked him about it and he assured me that these were fake reviews and that his company has an A+ rating. Well after my experience with Warranty Direct I now know that all of those bad reviews are true and the warranties they sell are a complete scam.

When I asked about the coverage of the warranty I specifically asked about the transmission because I had some issues with the transmission in the past. He again assured me that any repairs of the transmission would be covered if the parts were broken or if they "failed." Well last week my transmission went out and I took it to the dealership. After they checked out my car and found out the parts in the transmission had failed, they submitted a claim to Warranty Direct and they came back and said none of the parts were covered under the warranty. If I could warn anyone I would tell them to NEVER sign up for a warranty with this company. They are unethical and it's a complete scam. I spent hundreds of dollars on this warranty for nothing. And for anyone reading this, this is a real review. This actually happened to me. Don't get suckered into believing this company like I did.

Warranty Direct is a scam!! I am writing this review in reference to claim number **. My contract has a ‘Luxury Electrical’ clause in which power lock actuators are covered for repair. I verified this information a day or two prior to me taking my vehicle in to the mechanic and I also verified that Warranty Direct would cover the repairs. When my mechanic called in to verify, Warranty Direct said that power lock actuators are NOT covered which is a breach of contract. My mechanic and I are perplexed because Warranty Direct says that they will not cover the door actuators due to wear and tear.

It amazes me how businesses can take your money, say something isn’t so and there isn’t anything that the average consumer can do about it even though things are written in black and white. The only way to make guys like this learn is to take them to court which is so time consuming. Getting ready for battle anyway. This is about principle.

After buying this policy a year ago and paying for the program. I have a 4 year 48,000 mile protection. The first time I have problem with my truck they denied the claim! No help! I was told by the sales rep that emissions was covered, because I have surcharges on my policy for emissions and 4 wheel drive. I failed NH state emissions with a leak in my manifold. I had my mechanic call and file the claim. They denied my claim and said because of rust. The bolt rusted out that holds the manifold system to the together. OK it broke off. I called and the woman on the phone was nasty. I am now trying to cancel my policy and get my money back. (good luck) I asked to talk to a supervisor and was told they will put in a request. It takes up to 48 hours for someone to call me back. Let's see if they call me. What a waste of time and money. Sad very sad. I was lied to and ripped off.

Made claim, took 2 weeks for answer, no weekend contact when break down. Does not fulfill claim on warranty. AAMCO transmission expert states mechanical failure, but Warrant Direct says no. WD WOULD NOT RECONSIDER. They did not even inform me of decision.

I can see that you are also getting the runaround from Warranty Direct. Get used to it. I am on my second warranty from them for 2 different vehicles. I have been a customer since 2007 and have given them thousands of dollars over the years for top of the line Ultra Deluxe warrantys only to be treated like a piece of **. My latest dilemma with Warranty Direct is my last repair just before my warranty ended. I guess since they called me many times trying to get me to extend my warranty on my 7 year old vehicle and I decided not to extend. I guess that got me on the DO NOT PAY ANY CLAIMS FOR HIM list since he is not renewing.

I had a simple repair done, an ignition coil on the #2 cylinder, a mechanical breakdown in anyone's book. Service was done on a Sunday when they were closed. Mechanic was not able to get them on the phone since they were closed. I had to send in the claim myself which one of the operators told me was just fine since they were closed during the time of the repair. Now a month later and 5 phone calls later on my part I am told that they are not covering the repair.

First they told me that claims manager Dan ** said that since it was not a "catastrophic breakdown" that it did not have to be covered. I don't remember ever seeing that in any of my contracts. Then when I told him that none of my claims over the period of 10 years was "catastrophic" and all were covered no problem. Even the ones that I had to send in myself and all were covered without question. Then the story changed, then it was well you had other work done at the same time. They did an inspection and the coil was changed so you could pass inspection and that is not considered a "breakdown". Well the vehicle was brought in for a hesitation on acceleration which was later found to be because of a bad ignition coil. Sounds like a breakdown to me. While it was there I said I am almost due for an oil change and tire rotation might as well do that too.

Then the mechanic told me your inspection is up in a week or so should I do it? Yes I said. Then the female operator from the claims dept told me that since it is called "Dicks service station" it is not a mechanics shop it's a service station and they only pay for work done at a mechanics shop. Can you believe this **. I even offered to pay for the labor for replacing the coil and they could just pay for the part. They said that since the mechanic didn't tell the prior to fixing the car (ON A DAY THAT THEY WERE CLOSED AND DID NOT ANSWER THE PHONE WHEN MECHANIC CALLED) that they will not cover the repair.

When I called to file the claim they told me that since they were closed at the time of repair I am fine to send it in myself. I am completely disgusted with this company. I have faxed/emailed in claims under the exact same circumstances in the past for 2 different vehicles and had no problems. I guess since I was towards the end of my warranty and I was not renewing it and I didn't have any other vehicles to buy a new warranty they no longer had any use for a long time customer. Sad, very sad business practice. Will never use them again and will never recommend them again.

I only had coverage for 20 days. They said I can cancel in 30 days and get my money back. HOWEVER, they want notarized paperwork of the mileage and another application of why you're canceling. I never used this nor will I ever. I just want my money back and nothing else to do with them. Do yourselves a favor and ask your dealership about warranties.

At 1st Warranty Direct was pretty good at paying my claims. Mind you, I only had to make a claim for water pump and alternator. They paid the claims (Well they tried to deny the alternator claim stating that a piece inside of the alternator that was making it fail should be fixed. but the piece is not repairable. I got someone else on the line and they paid for it). Fast forward to today, my contract expires on July 26 and on July 19 I took my car in for a water pump. The service manager called me to tell me that the claim was denied as it expired on June 26. I called in, and they are stating that they have to send it to underwriting to remove some erroneous code. I now feel like they are stalling so that my contract will expire and they will be off the hook. If I don't hear anything by tomorrow, I will have to get my lawyer involved. EXTREMELY UNHAPPY.

I purchase my warranty from Warranty Direct for like $2,200 for my 2006 Dodge Magnum. Warranty Direct promise I'll take care of everything. This is the best plan to have. The brakes and repairs on vehicles broke. The first time I rebuilt it and then they wouldn't cover it, so I had to go buy another engine. But because the new engine has its own warranty, they refuse to cover any warranty work on it sticking me with the overtime labor charges. They both pay the dealers labor and that's her Joyce and Quan.

Don't ever go to this company. They will scam you. Like the other guy said put the money in first in savings and order something else because these people are thieves. They promise you the world over the phone then laugh at you when you try and claim service. They should be in jail for thievery. They're stealing from you. Give them your money and they will treat you like a piece of garbage. You can't argue with them. They say no management to talk to. Run away from them.

Total RIP OFF. Please stay away. I purchased a warranty for my daughter-in-law 45 days ago. My car was a Buick Rendezvous 2002 with 48,277 miles on it. Received car from my mother who is 92 and has not used car much in 15 years. Car was perfect. After 45 days driving car had some problems. Car would not start. Jumped it. Car ran fine. Next day went to have checked. They told me battery was bad so paid $120. Bought new battery. Perfect. Solved starting problems.

Few days later making loud noise. Took it to dealer to scan. They told me needed wheel bearings which are covered under my warranty. Repair shop spent 9 hours on phone to reach claim people. Always busy. Took 5 days to reach person that told me they were refunding my money and would not pay. Stay away. Save yourself trouble. Really is a RIP off company. STAY AWAY. NOT GOOD. STAY AWAY. There is not a person on phone you can talk with. TO BE HONEST I THINK IT'S A GIANT IN WARRANTY FRAUD COMPANY.

My fiancé purchased this warranty and had a great experience when signing up. Of course that is how they get you. He was told that he was purchasing the premium plan and we would basically receive bumper to bumper coverage with the exception of the transmission. It was advised, if there is ever an issue to have the service center check everything, that way if there are any other issues it can all be taken care of at one time under one deductible payment.

When we turned in our car for A/C issues and called to get the status we were told, we did not have A/C coverage. This was a specific question asked before purchase. Our vehicle has front and rear A/C, and we live in TX - A/C is much needed. There was a delay in getting things started because that has us in the system as basic coverage, even though we had been paying for the premier. Someone did figure this out and corrected the type of plan we opted for. HOWEVER they were denying basically all but 2 parts to be fixed. Everything the service center found was listed in our contract as being covered with the exception of 3 actuators. I am fine and understand that these are truly not covered parts.

Our vehicle sat at the service center for FIVE weeks taken apart because Warranty Direct dragged their feet. We were told in week one that a request for an inspector had been processed. This person would go to the service center to determine what cause the problem. I was given a time frame on 24-48 hours that this should be completed. Week THREE I was told the same thing again with them denying having ever said this during week one. With this being another lie they have told, I told them to go review the call from that specific date. I also requested copies of all of our recorded calls. Of course, they are not allowed to do that, for privacy reasons. Whose privacy??

Between my fiancé and I we probably called in about 20 different occasions, which they had less than half of noted in the system. Our service advisor from Buick (who was amazing) called in multiple times himself. Because of all the different things he was told, he started calling from his personal cell phone and recording the calls. With him having at least three recorded calls on his phone Warranty Direct made the claim that our service advisor had NEVER called in. that is why everything took so long.

We eventually reported them to the Better Business Bureau and they were given a deadline to respond by May 2nd, which they did not. They did respond however on May 4th which just so happens to be the day our service center received minimal payment to fix a control arm and one other part that still did not fix our A/C. They responded with a "This claim has been paid. The customer's concerns have been addressed and we request this complaint be closed". WRONG! I was without my vehicle for over FIVE weeks and went to pick it up with the A/C still not working. Warranty Direct says that this issue was pre-existing. I was told by two separate customer service reps that the inspection report specifically stated, "No indication this is a pre-existing condition". We requested a copy of the inspection report to see why they could have denied paying this claim. They refuse to make this available to us. We are now looking into taking legal action.

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