wawanesa renters insurance california

wawanesa renters insurance california

The Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Company was founded in 1896 on the Canadian prairies to provide insurance to struggling farmers. The company, named for the town in which it was founded, grew quickly and became one of the largest insurance companies in Canada. After weathering the Great Depression, Wawanesa expanded to serve every province in the nation. The company’s Canadian headquarters is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

In 1974 Wawanesa expanded into California, opening an office in San Diego, becoming the first Canadian insurance company to successfully enter the U.S. market. They later expanded into Oregon as well. In California the company writes both auto and home insurance, while only auto is available in Oregon.

Wawanesa sells its policies direct, without agents, both over the phone and online. Their target market is drivers with clean records, allowing them to offer lower rates.

Wawanesa offers a range of products in Canada, including life, property, and auto. In the U.S. they are focused mainly on auto, although home insurance is available in California.

Wawanesa offers a solid auto insurance policy without a lot of frills. In addition to mandatory liability (bodily injury and property), they offer common options such as comprehensive, collision, rental car coverage, and roadside assistance. Their offerings are free of any of the more common trends and gimmicks in the auto insurance industry, even such popular ones as accident forgiveness.

Their list of discounts is straightforward, including good driver, persistent (loyalty) discounts, and multi-car discount.

Online quoting is offered in both California and in Oregon, as well as over the phone.

Wawanesa writes home insurance across Canada and in California.

Home insurance offerings include:

  • Homeowner’s Insurance, with coverage for the structure, personal property, and personal liability. Homeowner’s coverage includes guaranteed replacement cost on property and an inflation guard benefit that ensures replacement cost keeps up with the increased cost of materials and construction.
  • Condo Insurance, with coverage for the portions of the structure that are under the owner’s responsibility, personal property, and liability.
  • Renter’s Insurance, with coverage for the personal property of tenants as well as liability.

Wawanesa offers a range of discounts for home insurance products including, multi-product/policy, sprinkler system, and non-smokers.

Wawanesa’s quoting system requires quite a bit of personal information. We were able to obtain a quote, however, not at the same levels for which we normally quote due to the fact that Wawanesa does not offer all of the same options.

Although it’s not a direct comparison, Wawanesa’s rates fall well below the average – and it should be noted that this is with lower deductibles than we usually quote, as Wawanesa doesn’t offer a deductible above $500.

Their rates come in about 22% below average, even with the higher deductibles. That doesn’t make them the cheapest, but it does make their prices quite competitive.

It is important to note that Wawanesa caters to drivers who have a clean record. Drivers with tickets or accidents may find their rates much higher.

Wawanesa accepts claims both online and over the phone. The 24-hour toll-free claims line can be reached at 1-800-427-9669 or 1-800-57-CLAIM.

The online claims form is easily accessible on the company’s website, but does require a policy number, so if you aren’t the insured and do not have the number, you will need to call in the claim.

Wawanesa provides a claims guarantee that promises quick and fair claims service and contact throughout the process where the policyholder will have a say in the repairs and settlement.

Wawanesa will send an appraiser to review the damage within 48 hours of the claim being reported in order to create an estimate. Customers can use a recommended repair shop or any shop of their own choosing. Wawanesa’s Direct Repair network offers a guarantee on their work.

Consumer Research and Complaints

Wawanesa has been BBB accredited in the U.S. since 1975. They currently have an A+ rating. The BBB lists 55 complaints over the past three years, 20 which have been closed in the last 12 months.

In the 2015 J.D. Power U.S. Household Survey of auto insurance, Wawanesa was the top-ranked insurance company in California. This ranking is based on overall satisfaction determined by several factors including policy offerings, price, and customer service.

ConsumerAffairs.com shows a total of 34 ratings of Wawanesa. Of 34 ratings, five were rated five star and 26 reviewers gave the company a one star rating. There are also negative reviews, but it’s very important to point out that positive reviews are very unusual on this site, and it is always encouraging to see them.

Negative reviews are mostly centered on difficulty reaching customer service representatives at the company. There is little else of note in the reviews, and an unusual lack of complaints in regards to claims service, which is where we usually see the bulk of the complaints.

California Renters Insurance Coverage

Program features included in our policy at no additional cost are:

  • Personal Property
  • Loss of Use
  • Personal Liability
  • Medical Payments to Others

The Wawanesa Group of Companies offers a breadth of insurance products in the states of California and Oregon and throughout Canada. Our products include Automobile, Home & Renters, Commercial Business, Farm, and Life & Group Insurance.*

Wawanesa Insurance was established in 1896 in the village of Wawanesa, Manitoba. Over 120 years later, we serve over two million customers, and are proud to be recognized for our:

  • Superior customer care
  • Customer loyalty
  • Outstanding claims reputation
  • Financial stability
  • Fair pricing

Please select a Wawanesa company from the menu to learn more about our products and services.

* Availability of products varies based on state or province.

Wawanesa Insurance offers auto, home, renters and condo insurance to clients in Canada, Oregon and California. Wawanesa is not an official carrier with InsuraMatch, which powers the *ConsumerAffairs insurance program. Speak with an InsuraMatch representative for free quotes from multiple providers today.

95 Wawanesa Auto Insurance Consumer Reviews and Complaints

I had the worst experience with Wawanesa when I actually needed their help as one would when carrying an insurance policy. Their rates are lower than most but you get what you pay for once you are actually involved in an accident. I was struck by an 18 wheeler tractor trailer from the driver side with $18,000 done in damages. The police did not make a conclusion on who's at fault and I was assigned a horrible adjuster by the name of Shimmy **. She was very insincere and rude and made me the culprit when I was the one who was struck by an 18 wheeler. I was dissatisfied with them concluding me at fault without ever leaving their San Diego office to access the car's damage and or location of the incident. I have never heard of one being at fault when you are the one who was struck.

I have called a lawyer to sue for what is right and I have decided to cancel my policy with Wawanesa as soon as my policy is up for renewal. Regardless of the outcome of who's at fault, I have never witnessed such a cold reaction from an adjuster in all my years of experience. It is Shimmy who has caused me to want to cancel my policy. An old saying rings true, you get what you pay for.

After paying car insurance for 15 years with Wawanesa. I was paying about $1,600 for two cars yearly. I do my payment once a year, so my insurance is due every August. Apparently the changed they billing now for 6 months. I didn't read the dates that they were billing me the same amount but for six months instead of a year. How can that be? I felt so disappoint for not reading the dates right. Today I received a new bill for $1747. I was like, "Why are they billing me again if the insurance is due in August?" I am so mad and feeling angry for not paying attention. They can keep my money but they lost a great customer who never had a ticket or car accident.

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I hit a deer coming home. Truck was drivable, but serious front end damage to hood and grill. I phoned Wawanesa at the time of the accident. When I said I wasn't hurt, and was mobile, and there were no other parties involved but a dead deer, they said to call in the morning. The next morning I put in my claim. Gave me a number, asked me where I was getting it fixed. Told them and they had no problem with that provider. A week later I was on the road again. I've called my agent on several occasions and he remembers details about me. I needed proof of insurance for a contract I was bidding on and he faxed it to me an hour later. On a few occasions I've tried to find a better deal, they consistently come in about 30% below anyone else.

When I first set up a policy with Wawanesa. I saw a broker, and the broker and I discussed a first payment date of May 28th (My checks come in at the end of the month) the Broker, told me that that worked when I was setting up my insurance to start on the 28th of April, (30 Days of time, was said to be sufficient) only to find out a payment came out immediately, and bounced (I didn't notice because my account remained at 0$ when I checked, and I didn't see a negative balance) then on May 28th they took a payment, and it succeeded.

Then 5 days later they tried to take April 28ths payment again, and of course the money was not there, now I have been trying to get this amended for the past little while, and Wawanesa continues to send me letters of experience that only state canceled due to non payment, when if the miscommunication did not happen, I would not be here. Wawanesa has officially caged my life, and I can no longer afford to get any insurance with basically any company, with all requiring down deposits of 2000$ or more, they have screwed me over, for basically my entire life, so if anyone knows a company that will insure me in Canada Nova Scotia, with a non-pay on file, that should not exist, for a monthly bases insurance with no huge down deposit please let me know at **. Seriously Disappointed in Wawanesa, and Huestis Insurance Brokers.

From the automotive side, they offer excellent service. Came out of the building to see that someone had run into the bumper of my car. Called Rep from Wawanesa and they came out to evaluate the situation. Booked repair work within the week. We have both our auto and property policies through Wawanesa. To cancel one or the other increases the cost of our policies.

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I've been with Wawanesa for over 10 years and have never had a problem until today. I found out today that when I paid my 1,400 premium in October it was only for 6 months. I've been paying 1,400 for 3 cars for several years and all of a sudden they double my premium. I can understand a rate hike. but let's be reasonable, double? Really Wawanesa? I'm so disappointed in this company. I'm shocked that they would do this. I wasn't even aware that they changed me to a 6 month policy. I'm definitely going to cancel my policy and take my business elsewhere.

I was so happy to be with Wawanesa for the last year and even recommended them to several friends. Today I get the renewal emails. GOOD LORD! After paying around 1200 for 3 vehicles for a year, my policy changed to over 1400 for 6 months! Are they crazy? Both my Husband and I have spotless records. Needless to say, I will go back to Progressive. I have a feeling this company will be going belly up real soon!

My son was involved in traffic collision while away at a university. On his way to class, he was struck by another motorist. My contact with the officers and my son indicates my son was not at fault. A week later I received a letter placing my son 100% at fault and Wawanesa paying out for the other insured claim. The only evidence of my son's determination to be at fault, was the Wawanesa adjuster interview with my son. They did not rely on the police report nor were they able to interview the other party. I obtained a police report which clearly places the other party at fault and an independent witness on the police report corroborates my son's non-fault. I forwarded a copy of the police report to Wawanesa and I have been told they will contact the other insured, State Farm, and ask for reimbursement.

It is over two weeks now and I still have not been able to get an adjuster to give me an assessment on my son's truck. I have sent emails and made calls to previous and current Wawanesa insurance adjusters and I am yet to get any straight answers from my own insurance. Emails have not been answered, except once, that they are trying to rectify Wawanesa's mistake.

Wawanesa was quick to pay out on the other party 100% at fault and I still can't get any answers. It does not appear that Wawanesa is looking out for me as their insured. Next step is to get legal representation and send letters of dissatisfaction up the chain of command at Wawanesa. For what it's worth, my son did not fair well during finals week due to the stress of this incident and follow-up service by Wawanesa. Terrible experience for any of us parents that send our kids off to good universities and think they will be safe and in good hands.

I have been with Wawanesa for many years. I pay renewal in September, well my son needed some information on the policy, so looked at the policy for him and I realized that the policy changed without any notice from one year to 6 months, basically they double my policy, NEEDLESS to say that I will be shopping for a new company by March, by the way I will cancel my home insurance also.

Well first off they got rid of 1 year policies to only 6 month policies which made my rates go up $500 a year. Their reason was because their profits were only 1% because of customers falsifying their yearly mileage on their vehicles, which is what I was told by a Wawanesa Rep. So I accept the increase because the rates are still cheaper. I did renewed twice with the 6 month policy. Now renewal is up again. My rates are going up another $200. With no tickets no adjustments to the policy. Zip zero. Nothing and my rates are going up. Now my rates are borderline with AAA. Might as well go with AAA at this point.

It use to be the older you and your car get the cheaper the rates are. not the case here. I've been with this company for years and happy at the rates I was paying for 2 cars. I've noticed rates were not dropping. Just earlier this year I get my renewal notice and I went from paying $1200 full coverage for the year to $900 for 6 months (full year payment no longer available). No accidents. no tickets. I called and spoke to a rep and their reason for the increase was due to how much the company has had to pay out on claims. Looks like I'm gonna have to take my business elsewhere!

I've been a Wawanesa Oregon customer since March of 2017. I've not had a single problem. Customer service is fabulous. Everyone is very friendly and professional! Out of all the insurance companies I've had I'd have to say that these guys are the best! A company I can rely on to protect me and my vehicle! My hold time has never been more than 3 minutes and if prompted to get a call back they always reach out within 15 minutes of the requested call back!

I have had Wawanesa for 35 years. They have always been outstanding in customer service, low rates and I loved the 1 year policy. The last 2 years my rate for 12 months was $460, even though I had an accident 2 years ago. My new policy in July was only for 6 months and was over $300. It still gave the option of monthly payments on the statement, so I sent in the first month. Then I got a "past due" notice. I paid the balance asked for and emailed, asking why I was sent the late payment notice, and wanted to know why the 6 month policy and huge rate increase. The reply that I must set up the monthly payments by phone using my checking account, although nowhere in the billing statement did it state that when the payment options were listed. I got a "sorry for the inconvenience and misunderstanding" reply.

As for the 6 month policy instead of 12, and the huge rate increase, the reply was like others I read here: that Wawanesa wanted to be competitive with other insurance companies. That's B.S. I can't try to get other insurance for another year because of the accident on my record, but when that time is up, I will definitely be shopping for quotes from other companies. I did get a call back from a C.S. person who said to call her back and she would see if I was eligible for discounts, but they already give me a "persistency" discount, and with an accident, they won't give me any other discounts, so why bother?

I am SO disappointed in Wawanesa! In the past when I would periodically shop around for quotes, I was always told that "we can't compete with Wawanesa's low rates" but obviously that isn't the case now. Their CEO most likely makes an 8 figure salary, and they no longer want to be the best company. I hope everyone that has them goes elsewhere. Then they'll find out what their greed got them.

I had an accident where a driver swerved into the shoulder and hit me while I was stopped in the area between two parallel parked cars and the driver was speeding. Wawanesa claims adjuster said it was my fault. I showed them a diagram and a dash cam video. "No it's still your fault". Hispanic claims adjuster sided with hispanic driver to throw old white driver under the bus so insurance company could raise my rates. Although they assured me they would not raise me rates but did it anyway. This ploy allows them to keep you after they raise your rates because you now have an at fault accident on your record and can't get insurance with another company.

Just got renewal premium up 300%. No accidents. Been with them over 15 years. Over $6000 premium yr now. Last year $2000. And the new 6 mo prem bs, and new easy statement bs. They must be swimming in money, rip offs.

This happened to me twice. They sent me the renewed policy payment. I am an old man and forgot to put somewhere. A week later I remember call them for the new payment. They sent me a new one and raised the price. Now I have moved to Texas. I purchase a new truck and buy a new insurance for it. I found out there is a strange accident I caused in early 2013. I knew I am a good driver, I never had any serious accident for 39 years I have driven. I just refresh again in early 2013, I stopped at the red light in Buena Park, California, a lady hit me on the back. I had full coverage insurance.

I called Wawanesa to take care the problem. They sent me to a body shop to repair. Later, they collected the money from the other insurance and paid me back the deductible. Now, my driving record shows I made this accident! All insurance companies gave me a bad number when I try to purchase insurance for my new truck. Wawanesa did this because they don't want their customer change their insurance company. WAWANESA IS A DIRTY INSURANCE COMPANY. Do your own research before you purchase auto insurance.

Wawanesa used to be the best company. Great rates and customer service. Now they are like loan-sharks with their six-month billing cycles. They start sending you warnings and then cancel you with the promise of renewal at a later date. I paid my two six month fees on time and started getting warning letters again. Just give me a date when something is due. I don't have time to have an ongoing correspondence with my insurance company, I don't need a pen pal. And, hey, call me if I am unknowingly driving around without insurance. Totally reckless and greedy. I left for Geico. Really sad. One of my longest vendor relationships.

I have been with Wawanesa insurance for 20 years. I always felt it was a small company with good rates, But oh how times have changed at Wawanesa! Over the past two years I have noticed my premiums going up for no reason and when trying to call for info, I get transferred around to different people who always need to put me on hold. That's after waiting on hold for 10-20 mins to speak to a live person. I've been trying to delete one car and add another since yesterday. CS agent didn't know how to help me. After wasting 45 mins I asked for a supervisor, Of course none were available. I finally agreed to have a supervisor call me back. It's been over 26 hours and no one has called me. Hmmm. I just called them back and asked to speak to a manager.

I was speaking to a nice c.s. agent who was trying to help me. I said no, I want a manager, that I've been waiting for more than 26 hours. She tried to get one but they refused to answer the phone. She said they were in a meeting (maybe same one as yesterday). It's starting to scare me to have them as my insurance company. I think it's time to start looking for another insurance company! Since starting to write this review a supervisor actually just phoned me. What a nightmare trying to add another vehicle. Horrible customer service. I feel like I'm speaking to new hires with no insurance experience. I can see by reading the other reviews that most people seem to be complaining about the same issues I'm having.

It's interesting that all the positive reviews for Wawanesa Auto Insurance seemed to be dated two years and older. Everything recent has been one star, and for good reason. I've been a Wawanesa customer for over 15 years. I too am one of those whose policy saw a substantial increase. My increase is 20%. As usual, when I tried to contact Wawanesa by phone, I was put in queue and waited 25 minutes for someone to answer. Thank God for speaker phones. I've learned from past experience that selecting the call-back feature results in no call-back. I've waited as long as 90 minutes to speak with someone, so I guess I should be feeling lucky today. I asked about why my policy went to 6 months and was told the same thing; they want to be competitive. As to why the increase in amount, the rep just said that they had two rate increases last year.

When I said that I'd like to change the deductibles for comprehensive and collision, she told me in a very polite but not too veiled threat that changing the deductibles to higher amounts now would result in a mandatory inspection of my vehicles should I choose to lower them in the future. I didn't bother changing them today as I plan to shop around for another company. I did have a claim 4 years ago. The claims department was marginal, although I did finally get the repairs completed, but with numerous calls to the claims agent. They raised my rates then.

They are a great company. When I move to TX in a few years, it is going to be tough to change insurance companies. I've done my research, there are really no other companies that can compare to their quality of service, affordable rates and the ease of billing. I had 2 college age sons on my policy while out of state and they both had 1 claim and each had at least 1 moving violation, yet my premium is still lower than other companies.

Their claims process was smooth. Claims are mostly for our young drivers going to college out of state. The rep worked with our young drivers as if they were there holding their hand every step of the way. As a parent of a young driver, it is stressful enough knowing they are driving, but when they are in a different state where the weather could be snowy/icy, the stress increases. Having Wawanesa has helped reduced that stress level when it came to the time that a claim needed to be filed. In addition, they are one of a few carriers that have annual policies with very affordable rates. Too bad they only service CA, OR and WA.

I have been with this company for over 10 years. They just doubled my premium for no reason whatsoever. Perfect driving record! I was told that they had been undercharging Oregon customers for years. I believe it is because of the legalization of ** in this state. I will be taking my business elsewhere. I believe Wawanesa will lose most of their business in the state of Oregon.

I have a policy change I need to make but forget about these guys ever answering a phone when you need them, yesterday hours on the phone, today I call the moment they are suppose to open 8 am. Wait over 1 hour, no callback, call again, still waiting 1 hour 15 minutes, no response to emails, very bad. They get enough money. They could hire more people to answer their freakin phones.

Over two years ago, I was hit. Wawanesa did not only not fight for me, they put me at fault. The adjuster told me it was because they couldn't get a hold of the other party. She assured me that it would not effect my record and it was only what they did. This year. Two years later, they have doubled my policy. And made sure that I will pay through the noose if I go to anyone else. Because they put me at fault in that accident, I now have it on my public record, and all other agencies are up-charging me. Horrible online payment system as well.

I'm terribly sad that Wawanesa has caved and become like many other insurances. I am now on the search for new auto insurance after 15 years. My auto insurance has doubled for no reason but to charge what many other insurance are charging and that came straight from a representative working for Wawanesa. My family, parents, brother and sister are leaving as well. I am sure many other customers will be leaving as well. I hope it was worth it for Wawanesa.

Just got our auto policy for 2017-2018. It's an increase of $700--for no reason! No tickets, accidents, my wife and I are both older, we have older cars. Two of them we barely drive. If they don't lower my rates when I go over there today, it's bye-bye.

I've had Wawanesa for 3 years - I joined because my family member had great experiences with them and talked wonders about them so I gave them a try. First year was great - competitive quotes, easy to contact online and quickly called me to finish up the policy. In less than 3 hours I was all setup. I had no issues and filed no claims my first year. Second year my rate went down for the full year premium by about 400 dollars so I was happy. Great company that rewarded its customer for not crashing or getting tickets. Now it's my third year and I get a renewal that is almost the same price as my 1-year policy except now for only 6 months. Not once have I ever crashed, nor had tickets, nor I filed a claim, AND I'm an experienced driver.

I decided to log on to my account to see if I could get a better price - the website was down for 2 days until I decided to call. 2 days later I call them and I'm placed on hold for AN HOUR before I can finally talk to a human. Customer service rep was nice but of no help. She said I qualified for the loyalty discount, the experienced driver discount, and she checked my profile and said I haven't had any tickets/accidents - which is all true. SO WHY ARE YOU GUYS RAISING MY PREMIUM BY ALMOST 50%. The rep said she couldn't do anything so I asked to speak to a supervisor and she said I would have to be put on hold and I agreed. Five minutes into being put on hold I realize that they should be begging me for my money not the other way around. I'm done with Wawanesa - poor rates, poor customer service, poor management. They don't care about their customers. NO THANKS. I'm taking my hard-earned money elsewhere.

Started in 1896 as a farmer’s mutual insurance provider, Wawanesa has expanded its services to include life insurance. Wawanesa offers both permanent and temporary life insurance, with a variety of preferred rate programs to lower premiums in accordance with a healthy lifestyle.

We offer the following products from Wawanesa:

Wawanesa Universal Life

Permanent life insurance plan that offers the protection of an insurance plan as well as a savings plan that can grow assets through a variety of guaranteed investment accounts.

Wawanesa Term to age 100

This is an affordable life insurance product that offers lifetime protection. The premiums are guaranteed to stay level and can be paid to age 100 or paid up in 15 or 20 years. For Pay 15 and Pay 20 plans, a guaranteed cash value starts to accumulate from the 10th year and is available to the policyholder.

Wawanesa Instant Issue Life Insurance

This plan is available for Canadians ages 45 to 75, and guarantees acceptance with just 5 qualifying questions.

Wawanesa LifeStyle Term

This affordable plan provides temporary protection for 10, 20 or 30 years. There are options to renew or convert to a permanent plan. The plan is renewable to age 85 and is also available on a joint –first to die basis. Preferred rates are available for health non-smokers.

Wawanesa Quick Issue Critical Illness

This product will payout a benefit if you are diagnosed with a critical illness specified in your policy and survive a waiting period (typically 30 days). There are options for 10 year plan renewable to age 75, Level to age 75 and Level to age 75 with Flexible Return of Premium. Application is simplified with just 8 qualifying questions, provided there are no unfavorable reports from the Medical Insurance Bureau.

We work directly with Wawanesa

and are able to provide all their latest insurance plans. Apply online for a no obligation quote.

We work directly with over 20 leading Canadian insurance providers

We are able to find the lowest premiums on the market

We offer a complete range of plans to suit any need and budget

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